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Chuck Snake aka Chuck Stake aka Don Mabie
After the Opera and/or After Definitely Not the Opera
April 14th, 2001. 11:00 AM - 6:30 PM
Reception at Stride Gallery

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Exhibition Information

Presented by Stride Gallery as part of M:ST Mountain Standard Time Performance Art Festival

Addressing the tendencies and talents of local performers and collaborators, Chuck Snake will be presenting an extended and expanded improvised performance based upon the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) Radio One’s regular Saturday programming. From the 11:00 am Dominion Observatory Time Signal (aired on the CBC) through Definitely Not The Opera and The Key or A, and culminating with the World This Weekend, Snake and the collaborators he is working with will respond to the radio programming in a variety of fashions, with a w -i -d - e range of materials. The last portion of the performance, between 5:00 and 6:30 pm, will be a response to the day’s developments. This performative “summary” will most likely include the use of one Texas mickey of Johnnie Walker (or Johnnie Talker as Snake refers to the golden elixir as), a profusion of post-it notes, and a variety of radio interviews and live music for the listening (attending) audience — “A real slice of a day in the life of a radio station (sort of)” stated Snake when asked to comment on the performance. This performance is the first in a new series and projects, which Don Mabie has titled The Calgary Performance Resource Pool: POOL for short.

Snake will be collaborating with a number of Calgary artists and musicians including: Dennis Burton, Mark Dicey, Shawn Dicey, Geoffrey Hunter, Dan Meichel, Lyle Pisio, Julie Shanks and Wendy Toogood. As well, rumours abound that there will be some special guests.

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artist bio

Don Mabie a.k.a. Chuck Stake, is a Calgary artist, who has been performing, drawing, assembling, trading and mailing art for over three decades. He has performed at documenta 8 in Kassel, Germany; Zürich, Switzerland; Los Angeles, USA; and on numerous occasions in Calgary at the Glenbow, the Illingworth Kerr Gallery, the Nickle Arts Museum, the Muttart Gallery (now the Art Gallery of Calgary), Truck, Ten Foot Henry’s, The Night Gallery and The New Gallery — he is credited with presenting the first performance work in Calgary back in 1968. His contributions to the Calgary community have been varied: he was a co-founder of The Parachute Centre for Cultural Affairs, spent ten years operating The New Gallery (then, Clouds ’n’ Water/OFF CENTRE CENTRE); he published Image and Information (sort of an art magazine); he has taught at the Department of Art at the University of Calgary and currently at the Alberta College of Art and Design; he has initiated a vital artist’s trading cards network; has had numerous exhibitions including a retrospective at Calgary’s Illingworth Kerr Gallery. In honour of the recent Lunar New Year/Chinese New Year, and the subsequent Year of the Snake, Chuck has temporarily changed his name to Chuck Snake.

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