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  +15 Window  
Various Artists, Curated by Debra Dedyluk
CULTURE: artificial conditions
October - November, 2003
Reception at EPCOR Performing Arts Center
Opening Thursday, October 16th, at 8:00 PM

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Exhibition Information

Text by: Debra Dedyluk

Marjan Eggermont, Debra Dedyluk, Robert Kelly, Clara Kim, Nikki Froebe, Doug Haslam, Christine Nalder, Maryke Nap, Barbara Zeigler, Koichi Kiyono, Shinsuke Minegish,i Katie Gammie, Laurel Johannesson, Mariko Ota, Justin Action, Janet Biagioni, Sonja Billard, Nicole Burisch, Dustin Biagioni, Jaclyn Carley, Travis Davidson, Angela Delancey, Kristin Demchuk, Ben Evans, Alyssa Fruson, John Frosst, Heidi Hudspith, Hye-Seung Jung, Milos Jones, Megan Kerluke, Nicola Kidd, Jeremy Labelle, Sharon LaBin,e Mona Leavitt, Becca MacKinnon, Anna Mandelkau, Jessica McCarrel, Melody McCann, Melissa Mchitosh, Holly McWilliams, Jennifer Norman, Holly Leah O’Malley, Doug McColl, Beth Morrow, Christi Mulder, Glen Olmstead, Justin Patterson, Scott Rogers, Ryan Peter Chinche Piernandez, Robert Prince, Tina Riedner, Marcus Riedner, Gerri Shockey, Sara Springer, Serena Staples, Jennifer Stark, Laura Stobbe, Julia Totino, Alana Tyson, Daniel Wallace, Matt Walker, Stacey Watson, Masumi Yajima.

The exhibition includes University of Calgary and Alberta College of Art students as well invited national and international artists. The format for the exhibition is that each artist has utilized petri dishes as the main structural component of their piece. Conceptually, the artists were to relate to these objects as a signification of observation and containment. Within the petri dishes the artists’ were asked to place contents that depicted a reaction to urban environment. Observation correlates to the macroscopic —the +15 walkways and to the microscopic—the petri dish. The actual +15 is a curious component of the interior core of our city. It performs as an observation deck, a form of isolation or containment much like the petri dish. A structure of this sort isolates people from the core of the city streets which is a phenomena of our city. The function of the +15 is to shelter people from the environment in the winter which has created a negative reaction as these connectors disrupts the activity on the city streets and gives the impression that the city core is desolate. Within the installation the petri dishes are layered in the window inviting the viewer to partake in a close observation of the microscopic. The grouped petri dishes provide the viewer with a wealth of imagery, objects and text that refer to an active city core.

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