/ARCHIVE — 2006

/+15 Window


/Megan Hepburn — Terminal Modern
+15 Window. January, 2006
Reception at EPCOR Performing Arts Center
Thursday, January 5, 8PM

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/exhibition information

/TERMINAL MODERN deals with the transitional nature of destruction and reconstruction, what is lost in this process, and what continues to haunt the visual by its absence. These paintings present three scenes in which the animal hovers in states between wildness and domesticity, sickness and death, freedom and captivity.

TERMINAL MODERN was Co-presented with the Bubonic Tourist as part of the 5th Annual Mutton Busting Performance and Visual Art Festival.

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/Artist Bio

/MEGAN HEPBURN is a hunter-gatherer of information and experiences interested in the typologies of residential architecture. She collects inventories of buildings, then presents the building, façade, and land, the creatures, vehicles, and vegetation connected with and surrounding the home, thereby raising questions about the connections between domestic and environmental violence and other "unintended" harm.

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