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/International Festival of Animated Objects
When We Are One
+15 Window. December, 2006 - January, 2007
Reception at Epcor Centre

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/Masks, regalia, and art of 'Ksan Performing Arts, juxtaposed with photos of Tsimphsian village life in Hartley Bay, B.C. Three traditional Gitxsan figures pose questions of faith, spirituality & post-contact life in contrast to photos of the Tshimphsian village of Hartley Bay.  Photos by Sean Dennie, masks and regalia courtesy of 'Ksan Performing Arts. 

'Ksan Performing  Arts is a Gitxsan mask dance troupe from Hazelton, BC.  'Ksan performed their traditional mask dance "Breath of Our Grandfathers" in "Our Traditions" presented by Enbridge on January 25, 2007at 7:30 pm at the Jack Singer Concert Hall.  Sean Dennie is a freelance photographer based in Calgary.

Part of the International Festival of Animated Objects
(January 19-28, 2007). 

Thanks to the John Doe Experience 

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/Artist Bio

/Cultural ambassadors for the Gitxsan people, ‘Ksan Performing Arts Group perform around the world demonstrating the richness of their culture through traditional song and dance, including appearances at the Olympics in Seoul, Korea.

 ‘Ksan, the Gitxsan name for the Skeena River ("River of Mists"),  is a Treasure House Museum & Historical Village founded in the  1940’s. The European way did not infringe here as early as in most  of North America.  As a result, a virtually unbroken lifeline to the  ancestors has been lovingly maintained. ‘Ksan stands where the  village of Gitanmaaz existed for centuries.

'Ksan Performing Arts Group was created in the late sixties, with old songs loaned or bought by the group to sing and perform. The material of "Breath of Our Grandfathers" comes from ancient history, and was first performed in Ottawa at the National Art Centre in 1972.  It is the desire of ‘Ksan to preserve and truthfully portray the stature, richness, and sophistication of Gitxsan society and culture.

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