/ARCHIVE — 2011

/special event


/bizarre pizzazz bazaar

Saturday, December 3rd. doors at 7pm
Live auction at 9pm

*The fundraiser will be located at
1014 MAcLeod Trail SE
Just a few doors south of stride

Event Images



You're invited to a live auction of original artworks,
a miscellany of midway attractions, and more!

The artists presenting in the midway have some pretty amazing attractions for This event!
The midway will show your strength, test your aim, try your luck and change your life!

All proceeds from BIZARRE PIZZAZZ BAZaAR will go to support Stride Gallery's programming.

If you wish to donate artwork or art related goods and services
for this event please refer to the Open call for donations.

A huge thanks to everyone that contributed to this event through a donation of artwork, volunteer time or attending the event itself, Stride is extremely grateful for your support!