/ARCHIVE — 2015

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/fernanda gutierrez - still life
+15 WINDOW december 2015 - january 2016
RECEPTION: THURSDAY, january 21, 2016 FROM 6–7PM REFRESHMENTS TO FOLLOW follow at The Palamino
109 7 Avenue SW

205 8th Avenue SE

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/STILL LIFE, a video constructed of a still frame, takes our preparations for our own individual deaths as the motivation for its narrative. The video negotiates the boundary separating film from photography, life from death, movement from stillness. Stripped of all story, a bright neon sign invites the viewer to consider our ever-changing reality.

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/Artist Bio

/FERNANDA GUTIERREZ is a Mexican Artist based in Vancouver, Canada, where she recently received a Bachelor in Fine Arts with Major in Film + Video from Emily Carr University. Working primarily with film and photography, her work ranges from unconventional narrative cinema to installation works. She is mainly interested in examining the different experiences that take place when combining the narrative potential of still images and the associative power of cinema. She has attended several films programs in Europe and North America, such as Film Factory Italia, Istituto Europeo di Design, Italy and Columbia Academy, Canada.

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