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Main space: JANUARY 8 — MARCH 5, 2016
Reception FRIDAY, JANUARY 9, 2016 @8PM

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/In August 2015 Jeremy Pavka and Sean Procyk travelled to the Peace River Country of Northern Alberta to experience and document a range of off-the-grid living practices. Approaching the project from the framework of do-it-yourself instructional film-making, the two captured their activities within the land-based bush camp. By assuming the role of the amateur and attempting to reclaim autonomy through a process of practical learning, the artists had developed a process which reflects the stance that patterns of consumption have disempowered individuals from pursuing self-reliant practice and sovereign modes of being. The works in this exhibition present their newly formed collaborative identity using moving image, installation and sound-based works.

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/Artist Bio

/SEAN PROCYK builds immersive, site-specific installations using reclaimed materials, light, sound and video. His work addresses notions of site-specificity, alternative living tactics and audiovisual musical performance. His work has recently been presented at Elemental Festival, Kagawong; Convergence Conference on Art and Technology, Banff; Factory Media Centre, Hamilton; Ingenuity Festival, Cleveland and Nuit Blanche, Toronto. He holds a degree in Fine Arts from McMaster University, a Bachelor of Architecture from Carleton University and a Master’s of Fine Arts from OCAD University.

/JEREMY PAVKA is an interdisciplinary visual artist based in Calgary, Canada. He holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the Alberta College of Art + Design and has exhibited works across Canada, the Pacific North West, & Havana, Cuba.

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