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Main space: JUNE 3 — JULY 15, 2016
Reception: FRIDAY, JUNE 3 @8PM

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/DARK HORSE utilizes two symbols synonymous with cowboy culture, the Stetson hat and horse, as tropes to explore Calgary’s long and entwined history of ranching and the city’s infamous Stampede event. Mullock has produced a new body of work that embraces a new printmaking method, using horse power and Stetson hats to produce several mono-prints. Coinciding with the Calgary Stampede, the exhibition invites viewers to delve into the cowboy identity and the Western culture, which looms around the history, collective memory, and cultural practices in Calgary. 

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/YVONNE MULLOCK multi-disciplinary practice spans diverse interests in nature and craft and incorporates drawing, sculpture, ceramics, video, and textiles for both gallery and site-specific installations. Her work is often informed by a research process that involves both people and their surroundings as a spring-board for the creation of context-specific works.

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