daniel bejarano: chud whistle

September 3 – 30, 2021

We are thrilled to announce our first exhibition at The Prairie Crocus. ‘chud whistle’ is an exhibition by artist Daniel Bejarano.

Daniel Bejarano is an interdisciplinary artist based out of Calgary, Alberta, Treaty 7 Territory. Descending from Nicaragua but being born and raised in Canada, Daniel creates works that speak upon the disconnects and internalized racisms that one goes through when they are a member of a marginalized community (specifically from the point of view of a Latino-American). He also makes works that address other ideologies such as white-supremacy, methods of activism that lead to de-gentrification and justified violence as a retaliation against injustice. Through visual metaphors and symbolism, these ideas are conveyed with sculptures, prints, and large, busy, monochromatic-drawings.

‘chud whistle’ is open from September 3rd to September 30th in The Prairie Crocus; visible from outside Stride Gallery. Stay tuned for more information on the exhibition coming this week!