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Edward Bader, Allen Ball, Lance McLean
Training and Apparatus
July 16 - August 7, 1999
Reception at Stride Gallery
Opening July 16th, 1999
Artist talk July 17th 2:00PM

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Exhibition Information

This group show focuses on artists who are investigation how status manifests itself in contemporary western society. Edward Bader is a Calgary artist who has used a digital camera to document the gym as a site for achieve the post-industrial body. In a series of eighteen prints, Bader documents and renames well-known gym equipment that workers visit during their breaks from work. Bader observes that many white-collar workers order their lives around, and systemize their movements in the gym in order to achieve the hard-body- a post-industrial sign of status.
Lance McLean is a Calgary performance and mixed-media artist who will include five photographs of his earlier collage works. There collages include images that parallel art and sport by investigating the ways in which these activities contribute to our identities. McLean is also interested in the role of the audience in shaping the identity of the artist/athlete and will return to the gallery to actively engage an audience during two performances: PUMP Saturday July 17th, and BAIL Saturday Aug.7th. During these two humorous, endurance-based performances the artist will mimic athletic postures and movements related to weight-lifting and skiing.
For the duration of the exhibition, Edmonton artist Allen ball will exhibit two billboards of his French Bulldogs (Lily and Lucky) at Barlow Trail 23rd Avenue NE and 23 Street and 23 Avenue NE. In the gallery, a text panel will include information from The French Bulldog Club of England breed Standard. This panel explains the long and somewhat humorous rise of the French Bulldog’s status among breeds.

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Edward Bader received a MFA in drawing/painting from the University of Calgary in 1993. He has shown his work regionally for over fifteen years and his work in in several collections. Bader is a sessional instructor at various institutions and currently lives in Calgary.
Allen Ball received a BFA in painting and printmaking from the Camberwell College of Arts and Crafts in London, England. He received a Commonwealth Scholarship and moved to Canada in 1987 to receive a MFA in painting from the University of Alberta in 1990.
Lance McLean was born in Edmonton and moved to Calgary to study sculpture at ACAD. McLean is best known for his duct-tape performances which he has been doing regionally since 1996.

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