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Shawn Hillis
Thirteen Winnebagos and a Landing Ramp
November 5 - 27, 1999
Reception at Stride Gallery
Opening: November 5th, 8:00PM

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Exhibition Information

Why do men make? What is the nature of a man’s passion to build and the impulses that drive it? The absurdity of male competition and it’s wondrous results. Hot rods to rocket ships, what is al the heart of mans desire to customize his surroundings?

The work is both a critique and tribute to maleness. Is is an investigation of the sensibilities that construct the male gaze. It questions the myths and the virtues of a male aesthetic. It is a critical look to creative power and its direction formed as a child.

A child’s play habits form the imagination and fantasy life in maturity. Work mimics play and make believe mimics fantasy. Inspiration is found in memories, the act of play and make believe.

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