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Mark Dicey
Dr(aw)umming Sequence 2001
January 5th - 27th, 2001
Reception at Stride Gallery
Opening: January 12th, at 8:00 PM

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Exhibition Information

dr(aw)ummingsequence*2001* encompasses the spirit of free improvised music and open undefined concepts of drawing. Dicey has been exploring these areas for many years and believes that pure exploration in both music and visual art forms require chances to be taken abnd rules/traditions to be broken. In conjunction with the ongoing multi-media installation that will develop in the space, he will collaborate on selected days with 15 chosen artists from the music and visual arts communities. These “sessions” (approximately one hour in length) will be video recorded and available for viewing throughout the exhibition. Dicey will allow these one on one sessions to inspire and feed the direction of the installation while he uses traditional and not so traditional materials (found objects, junk store materials, etc.) within the space. Like the studio, the Gallery will become a work environment providing freedom for exploration. Dicey’s work over the years has taken a multi-media approach including performance art, music, installation, static sculpture, painting and drawing. During his residency at the Stride Gallery, Dicey will be able to further pursue his exploration in sound, music and visual art.

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writer bio

Diagnosed with a brain tumor in his youth, he survived a lengthy ordeal of radiation and surgery to earn a double degree from the University of Calgary in Chinese Buddhism. His preference is for word bite, thug poetry and prose, linking images and streaming meaning, as a tour guide would direct tourists, believing the reader has capacity with his/her own internal structure to fit the blocks of words, the layers of data, as they see fit. This is underpinned be a deep seated belief in Sunyata, the essential nothingness/emptiness of something, vast oceans of things that only shadow the essential truth that everything is manifest from our desire to impose meaning and form but in itself it does not exist.

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artist bio

Mark Dicey is an artist that has been contributing to the Calgary arts community for over 15 years. Graduating from the Alberta College of Art and Design in 1983, Dicey has been active in many disciplines since. His work is represented in several collections around the province, including the Nickle Arts Museum and the Alberta Foundation for the Arts.

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