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  Special Event  
Allison Hrabluik, Jane Lee & Heather Docherty
Heavy Pets Petting Zoo
September, 2001
Reception at Stride Gallery

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Exhibition Information




Exhibition Information

This one of a kind petting zoo contains life like replicas of real animals that one may want to pet.

This replica petting zoo caters to those who possess animal related allergies or phobias, yet desire to enjoy, witness, and acquire relevant understanding of potential pets. Aside from these social concerns, the non-living petting zoo also addresses a landscape that is unable to host living animals for economic, political, or various other reasons. Accordingly, this zoo succeeds in benefiting the viewing population by providing, in exaggerated sizes (such as our famed grasshopper), animals that are usually difficult to distinguish with the naked eye.

Children and women with tender hands are asked to wear gloves, which will be provided, to avoid paper cuts.

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