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Troy Nickle
On a Distant Horizon
August - September 2002
Reception at EPCOR Performing Arts Centre
Opening: September 12th at 8 PM

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Exhibition Information

Troy Nickle will be exhibiting a new installation that will contextualize his figurative sculptures through his glimpse into the life and work of Alberto Giacometti. The sculptures represented are not replications of Giacometti's work but rather insights inspired from Giacometti's style, treatment, and usage of texture. Nickle is influenced as much by Giacometti's sculptures as he is by images of the artist working in his dark dusty studio space surrounded by the unfinished ambiguous forms. It is Nickle's desire to instill his forms with the same ambiguity; where limbs disappear as if the figure is standing on a distant horizon, vertical. A testimony of the unknown.

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artist bio

Troy Nickle attended The Alberta College of Art and Design and has exhibited his sculptures at Commercial Gallery Art 101.

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