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Gale Allen & Karilynn Ming Ho
I Want You to Want Me
June - July, 2004
Reception at EPCOR Performing Arts Center
Opening Thursday, June 17th, at 8:00 PM

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Exhibition Information

Performing in Stride’s Project Window gave Kari and Gale the opportunity to critically address the tropes of objectification and narcissism in performance art, and develop a new work in response. Their work drew attention to the performativity inherent in Jane Fonda’s popular workout videos while referencing long-term endurance performances by Marina Ambrikovich and their impact on contemporary practices.

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artist bio

Both Gale Allen and Karilynn Ming Ho are students at ACAD. Their video and performative works have been exhibited in Calgary and festivals across Canada including Images Festival, That 70’s Ho and Reel Asian Film Festival.

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