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Sarah Adams
Transitional Phenomena: The Potential Space
February - March, 2004
Reception at EPCOR Performing Arts Center
Closing Thursday, March 18th, at 8:00 PM

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Exhibition Information

This work deals with the idea of Play, and the concept that Play is an adult mode of coping with life that manifests itself specifically through the creative act. The dolls represent my own attempts to relate my inner and outer realities, as do they signify potential spaces for others to invest their own personal experiences.

“the creative impulse, in this context the impulse to turn a soft, floppy thing into a responsive enhancement of perceptual experience, …should be looked at as a thing in itself. The capacity to use objects as a temporary, illusory definition of the boundary between the subjective and the objective is dependant on the creative impulse.”

- Jeanne Randolph

Text courtesy of Sarah Adams

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