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Kuh Del Rosario
Skin So Pink So Fresh!
March - April, 2005
Reception at Stride Gallery
Opening Friday, March 25th, at 8:00 PM

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Exhibition Information

During a site-specific residency in Stride's Project Room Space, Kuh will accumulate, reconfigure, and sandwich together a vocabulary of building materials. On a small scale this additive process results in self-contained yet sensual sculptures; in the gallery it threatens to turn into a lush wall-to-wall environment. Kuh Del Rosario graduated with a BFA from the Alberta College of Art and Design in 2003.

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artist bio

My body of work is largely about the process of interaction with the materials, which presents me with interesting discoveries. I build up my sculptures intuitively, influenced by two primary relationships. The first is the relationship between me and the materials, and the second are the interactions between the various materials. These two factors create a push and pull, resulting in both tension and unity within the sculptures. Also working intuitively, I learned to let go of ideals and embrace mistakes. This is where accidents and imperfections begin to speak. The cracks, chips, gaps, scrapes, leaks and cuts are part of a dialogue I have learned to appreciate.

I hope to engage the viewers with these concerns that may be mundane and simple, but truly beautiful and worth a closer look.

Kuh Del Rosario

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