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M.N. Hutchinson
Artist's Talk in conjunction with Art City
Thursday, September 15th, 2005
at the Alberta College of Art + Design
7:00 PM

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Exhibition Information

M.N. Hutchinson will talk about the history of panorama images and his own use of the form. He will track some connections between the popularity of19th Century panoramic entertainments, the invention of photography and their significance to representation. From counter-intuitive rationalism to amateur science the significance of populist visual entertainment has marked out a history of perception that illuminates our embodiment of technological advancements. With any luck at all this scrutiny will help to make explicit some relationships between the trajectories of contemporary art and current technologies.

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artist bio

M.N. Hutchinson is happy to have worked and lived in Calgary all of his life. He is a graduate of the Alberta College of Art & Design and the University of Calgary, where he received his MFA in 2004. His practice is primarily photo-based, with occasional outbursts of media and performance work. He has taught at several universities and colleges over the last 10 years, while simultaneously maintaining a professional photography and design practice that began in 1981. He has been a resident artist as well as a facilitator at the Banff Centre, received several major grants from the Canada Council and the Alberta Foundation for the Arts, and is represented in the collections of the Edmonton Art Gallery, the Alberta Foundation for the Arts, the Calgary Civic collection and the Glenbow Museum.

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