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  +15 Window  
Noel Heard
Only This Moment
August - September, 2005
Reception at EPCOR Performing Arts Center
Opening Thursday, September 15th, at 8PM

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Exhibition Information

Text by: Noel Heard

Only This Moment

This project was an effort to create a link of experience, a relationship, between viewers in transit and a project in transit.  To explore the moments in which they resolved into an idea about the space in which they find themselves and their relationship to it.   The project consisted of a series of trapezoidal panels hung in the space of the Stride +15 Window.   A single light source cast the shadows of these panels upon the back wall of the gallery.    When the light is placed in a particular point on the floor of the window the shadows created resolve themselves into a grid of 15 1'x1' Squares.  The position of the light is changed on a random basis throughout the exhibition but returns to this particular point on a regular basis. As a space of Transit, the +15 is activated by the ability of the project to attain a kind of resolution and then break apart into chaos.

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