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Jerry Allen, Ken Buera, Isabelle Hayeur, Emily Jones, Chris Millar, Bunmi Muyambo, Kim Neudorf & Alison Yip
20 Years of Contemporary Art, Gossip and Lies: Crazy Eights
January 13th - February 4th, 2006
Reception at Stride Gallery
Opening Friday, January 13th, at 8:00 PM

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Exhibition Information

Artist Bios




Exhibition Information

An exhibition of new works by emerging artists continues "the next chapter" at Stride. Senior Artists from the retrospective show have invited emerging artists from their communities for an exhibition of works that serve to illustrate the multiplication of artistic practices in the last 20 years.

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artist bios

The painter Jerry Allen, who investigates the nature of painting and the image in his portraits, has been exhibited at the Centre Saidye Bronfman in Montreal and more recently at the Tracey Lawrence Gallery in Vancouver. Through this process he often depicts historical figures from the recent past and the immediate present. They are the result of the artist using electronic web searches as source material and feel connected only by the thinnest of threads. Typically Allen’s treatment of the subject is remarkable for its unstable lighting and the built environment these people inhabit. This is the first group exhibition of his work in Calgary.

Ken Buera is a Calgary based emerging artist and recent graduate of The Alberta
College of Art & Design. His audio, video and collaborative works have been
shown in Calgary, Open Call at the Southern Alberta Art Gallery in Lethbridge, Signal+Noise in Vancouver, D’ouest en Est at AxeNeo7 in Gatineau, Video as Urban Condition Austrian Cultural Centre in London, and Rencontres Internationales in Paris. He is active in the local Artist-Run centre community as a volunteer and a Board Member of TRUCK Gallery, and has recently participated in the Sound & Vision Thematic Residency at the Banff Centre.

Born in 1969, Isabelle Hayeur, lives and works in Montreal. She completed a BFA in 1996 and a MFA in 2002 at Université du Québec à Montréal. Since the late 1990s, she has been known for her large-format digital montages, while she also produced several videos, site-specific installations and a few net art works. She has exhibited in the context of various group and solo exhibitions. Her video works were screened in numerous international festivals. Most recent exhibitions include Musée d'art contemporain de Montréal, Canada (2005), The Agnes Etherington Art Centre, Kingston, The Prefix Institute of Contemporary Art, Toronto and The Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art (MassMoca), United States.

Emily Jones attended NSCAD University and focused entirely on painting, completing her BFA in 2004. She participated in several group and solo exhibitions, including a group exhibition of abstract painting at the Khyber Centre for the Arts in 2002. However, Emily’s studio practice took a sudden departure from painting when she realized that she had not produced enough artwork for an upcoming deadline. Emily quickly produced script-based “filler” work. Emily found that working in this immediate and hasty manner loosened up her process and revealed an entirely new subject and manner of working for her. Emily’s last exhibition “I’m So Good At Painting, I Don’t Even Bother. Have Fun In The Studio—Suckers!” included her first audio recordings. Emily’s practice continues to employ conceptual and performative elements, audio, video and script. Her art explores the notion of “freedom”, and the power and vulnerability that lies in reckless behaviour.

Chris Millar is a Calgary artist and professional cracker salter. His insanely detailed narrative paintings have been exhibited throughout Canada at Latitude 53, Calgary's Artcity 2003, in The New West Project curated by Luanne Martineau and most recently at the Alberta Biennial Of Contemporary Art, Walter Phillips Gallery, and Edmonton Art Gallery, and in the touring RBC Canadian Painting Competition. His paintings are gestures of extreme excess, and they focus on the inevitable awkwardness of human and humanoid interactions and general buffoonery. Despite being a bit of a buffoon himself, Millar received a Creation/Production grant from the Canada Council for the Arts in and a project grant from the Alberta Foundation for the Arts. He wishes to acknowledge the support of the Canada Council and AFA in the production of his current series of works, which will be the focus of a major solo exhibition at TRUCK gallery in February 2006.

Bunmi Muyambo is a  Calgary based emerging artist who graduated from the University of Calgary with a BFA in 2005. She has exhibited at the Zimbabwe National Schools Gallery in Harare (1998) in the show Youth in Arts, the Harare International Festival of the Arts (HIFA,1998), the Post Miniature and Great Lungs and Other Organs at the Little Gallery at the University of Calgary, as well as the Graduation show at the Nickle Arts Museum in 2005 at the University of Calgary. Her first solo exhibition was presented by the Zimbabwe Association of Alberta, proceeds of which went to the funding of the War Child in Sudan.

Kim Neudorf received her BFA in Painting from the Alberta College of Art & Design in 2005. She has shown in exhibitions in the Illingworth Kerr Gallery (group) and the Marion Nicoll Gallery (solo), and has recently attended the Optic Nerve Thematic Residency at the Banff Centre for the Arts. Kim lives and works in Calgary. “My present subject-images… explore this breakdown of image organization through an examination of the range of both mediated and inherently baroque qualities perceived when images are transferred to film, to video, to stills and the reproduction, and finally to painting. Through the painting process, the subject-images become more independent from the banal and heavily-coded surfaces of their origin.”

Alison Yip graduated from the Alberta College of Art and Design in 2004. Her main practice consists of drawings from city life, but she also makes collage and paintings. Drawing from life remains important to Alison as a revival of a long tradition recently eclipsed by photography. Her work attempts to understand and express the world on a cellular level through the efficiency of sketching. Alison has exhibited work in Calgary,Vancouver, and New York City. Currently she is working on a drawing project based on Alfred Doblin's "Alexanderplatz, Berlin". Alison lives and works in Calgary.

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