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Stefanie Wong
April, 2006
Reception at EPCOR Performing Arts Center
Opening Thursday, April 13th, at 8:00 PM

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Exhibition Information

Text by: Stefanie Wong


My current practice creates a dialogue with reference to human experience and relationships through woven constructions and other textile related processes such as felting and sewing. Woven-cloth or cloth itself is integral to human existence. Our relationship with cloth is formed from birth and is nurtured throughout our lives primarily in its utilitarian context. Cloth therefore is an intimate, non-threatening material that compels people to touch and reflect on their own tactile relationships.

While I admire the tactile and functional qualities of cloth, I work primarily in a conceptual rather than utilitarian context. I am interested in weaving cloth and constructing textile based objects that occupy a three-dimensional space to allude to the body and human relationships. The spaces surrounding and contained by these objects are equally important enabling each object to obtain its own life or lifelessness.

The materiality and construction of these objects inherently connects them to a familiar utilitarian function, which allows for an intimate relationship between the object and viewer. Although I create conceptually woven objects, it does not disengage them from their utilitarian function through the inherent relationship people have with woven cloth through blankets and clothing. I use the processes of weaving, felting and sewing to displace the monotonous qualities of functional materials and objects into a conceptual form and context resulting in a nurturing atmosphere.

While the processes of weaving, felting and sewing are a tactile experience for the maker, they also encourage a physical interaction between the material and viewer. The innate human quality of touch is encouraged through the tactility of materials and both the utilitarian and conceptual references to human relationships and experiences.

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