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Amalie Atkins
Welcome to My Party
May – June, 2007
Reception at Stride Gallery
Opening Friday, May 18th, at 8:00 PM

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Exhibition Information

Art making in these post modern times, with access to both vintage technology and video equipment at its latest and greatest step forward, making movies can be a fascinating hobby. Some may desire to become professionals, but more may wish to retain their keen zest by plying this art as a pastime only, in hours of relaxation. Minema Cinema does both: making movies as a hobby to wile away the winter hours while simultaneously recycling popular culture, documenting personal history, and making up new stories from scratch to provide fresh and frantic volumes of entertainment. Whether following the tragic love story of a lost woman in the wilderness or following the fancy moves of a girl on roller-skates, or charting the results of the Tooth maker, these works affirm that love, anxiety, embarrassment, and hope are intertwined.

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artist bio

Amalie Atkins, a multidisciplinary artist whose work hop-scotches from filmmaking to fabric based sculpture to performance, currently hibernates in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. She spends time contemplating the frozen tundra and researching the effects of clouds, snow, and sleet on stunt double, props, and humans posing as filmmakers. Her recent work on Operation COCAO, a deep snow search, was deemed a successful expedition.

In 2001, Amalie Atkins graduated with distinction from the Alberta College Of Art and Design, major in Fibre. Working under the mandate of Minima Cinema she has completed eight short films some of which have shown to small & large audiences in exotic locales such as San Francisco, Dallas, Miami, Connecticut, Lehtbridge, Sackville, Toronto, Banff, Edmonton, Calgary, Winnipeg, Saskatoon, and Montreal. She has been part of solo and group exhibitions. In 2003 she founded the Bike Ballet Club: a small but dedicated cycling trio. After months of training the show traveled to Ottawa and Montreal. She is also the co-founder and an active member of the Optronic Eye Film Club.

She is employed as a costume designer of miniature costumes fro a Saskatoon based stop motion animation show. She is also employed part-time at BlackFlash Magazine.

Her first 16mm film project Three Minute miracle is in process with the support of Sask Film Pool and Saskatchewan Arts Board scheduled for completion at the Banff Centre’s Imaginary Places Residency in June.

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