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Dustin Koop & John Antoski
Said and Done
May 18th – June 23rd, 2007
Reception at Stride Gallery
Opening Friday, May 18th, at 8:00 PM

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Exhibition Information

The Said and Done project was created by Dustin Koop and John Antoski as a means of uniting artists from communities around the world. The project to date consists of 225 original serigraph prints (7” x11”), produced in collaboration by Koop and Antoski. These prints were distributed to select artists along with a set of instructions: the artist must sign and date the back, and the format must remain the same size. Beyond that, the project is open – each artist is encouraged to collaborate in any way that they choose, using whatever media and creative approach they find suitable. Upon completion, the prints are returned to sender, and thus considered finished. The goal of this project fro the beginning has been to challenge and push the creative process of the individuals involved, and, in turn, fuel the collaborative process. All the works are made available to view on the Said and Done website, which accompanies links to relevant websites, as a means of promoting each artist and their abilities. By heightening awareness of artists and their communities, this project is intended to fuel further collaborations to bring about a level of dialogue amongst such a diverse and international group of participants. Visit www.saidanddone.ca and get involved.

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artist bios

Dustin Koop:

I currently am the art director for Transworld Snowboarding magazine in San Diego. I always have at least one camera with me at all times whether it be film or digital. Skateboarding is a huge influence on what I do and who I am, seeing as I have been doing it for 22 years. Stay awesome!

John Antoski:

John Antoski was born and raised in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, and received his education at the Alberta College of Art and Design. John currently lives in Calgary and practices the art of futuristic Dycheck gaming. He shows internationally and is the co-director of Said and Done collaborative project. Currently, John is art directing Class FIve snowboards and is keeping life creative.

-For real

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