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Alex Moon
UNI-FARM: Gardener Pro 2 Taking the work out of yard work
August - September, 2008
Reception at the Epcor Performing Arts Centre
Opening: Thursaday, September 18th at 8 PM

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Exhibition Information

UNI-FARM : Gardener Pro 2 Taking the work out of yard-work

Motivated by a distain towards industrial un-sustainability and consumer irresponsibility, Alex Moon’s ongoing project Uni-Farm attempts to disarm self-serving incoherent corporate rhetoric. Over the course of time and crisis the Uni-Farm came to own all of the means of food production in North America, forcing farmers under their employment. Unsatisfied with its current market position, The Uni-Farm has expanded its sphere of influence far beyond the farming systems developed in Uni-Farm Labs. Based on its Opremium seed-printing system, The Uni-Farm presents Uni-Farm Gardener Pro, a domestic design software package making gardening easier for you and your family.

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artist bio

Alex Moon is an emerging multi-media artist from Calgary who works with a variety of processes ranging from sculpture and Printmaking to video installation and performance. He recently earned a Bachelor of Fine arts with distinction from The Alberta College of Art + Design. This is his first solo exhibition expanding upon an ongoing project called The Uni-Farm.

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