/ARCHIVE — 2008/2009

/+15 Window


/Kiarra Albina — Les voisins / Neighbours
+15 Window. December, 2008 & January, 2009
Presented as Part of
the 2009 International Festival of Animated Objects
Reception at The EPCOR Centre
Thursday, January 15, 2009, 7 - 8PM

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/exhibition information

/LES VOISINS / NEIGHBOURS is an installation and slow motion animation of the +15 Window Space galleries in the Epcor Centre for the Performing Arts. A mannequin will inhabit the installation designed by Kiarra Albina and will constantly be reanimated within the window. The character will relate to its environment as well as develop relationships with its neighbors in the adjacent window spaces.


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/artist bio

/KIARRA ALBINA'S stream-of-consciousness paper works and soft sculpture installations are reflections of life passed through psychedelic, symmetrical filters, balancing magic with mundane while addressing gender, sexuality, memory, spirituality and nature.
Her work can be seen in the self published art books, MAGIC RUB I & II, and MAGIC FOR YR TRUE LOVE (Republished by MODL press in August 2008), illustrating the pages of various Calgary and Vancouver literary and arts magazines and posters, and as the cover/liner art for The Dudes 2006 release, "Brain Heart Guitar" She has participated in a number of group shows, and in 2008 Kiarra presented solo exhibition "MAGIC FOR YR TRUE LOVE" both at The Arbour Lake Sghool Boron Gallery, and at ARTLIFE Gallery.



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