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Morgan Sea Thomson
Citizen Justice in the Cow-Town of Tomorrows
October - November, 2008
Reception at Epcor Performing Arts Centre
Opening: Wednesday, October 8th, at 7 PM Performance: Ongoing, October 3rd - 12th

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Exhibition Information

Citizen Justice in the Cow-Town of Tomorrows

Calgary is a booming Metropolis, minus one important part, a costumed hero to save us from the corporate never-do-wells. Enter Citizen Justice, who has heard the call of distress from hundreds of low-income artists feeling the cow-town crunch. Citizen Justice will be living in Stride's Plus 15 window gallery for ten days in October. Mirroring the Calgary Stampede, Justice will be living the dream of being a superhero, patrolling downtown and lend a helping hand.

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artist bio

Citizen Justice, the low-budget "batman" people are calling the bastard son of MacGyver and Captain Planet. The truth is Justice was raised by the unconditional love of single Mother in Bridge City Saskatchewan.  An over-exposure to televised radiation left him with an enhanced sense of purpose and spectacle. In an effort to thwart man-made doom, Justice spends his days concerned about the environment, overcoming mass-media manipulation and making crafts out of garbage. Occasionally, Citizen Justice assumes the alias of Morgan Sea, an androgynous video and performance artist living in Montreal.

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