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Lee Nielsen and Randy Gibson
The Family Project
June – July 2008
Reception at EPCOR Performing Arts Centre
Opening: Thursday, July 17th 8:00pm

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Exhibition Information

The Family Project is a collaborative effort between painter Lee Nielsen and photographer Randy Gibson. With the assistance of a local drag king troupe Fake Mustache acting as models, the series of photographs address the family unit as a pervasive and institutionalized presence.

The work of Lee Nielsen is an exploration of the pictorial modes of drawing, painting and photography. Much of his work is focused on investigating the organization of the social sphere. He is actively engaged in exploring these ideas through the language of pictures. The construction and transmission of meaning through drawing, painting and photography is at the crux of the condition he has found himself in. Lee graduated from the Alberta College of Art and Design in 2008 as a painting major.

Photography is Randy's primary focus of creativity, working as a freelance photographer full time. From his first film camera as a child to now, there is one thing that he has kept with him; a passion for composition, color, light. Being born and raised in Alberta has left its mark on the photographers creations forcing him between the world of the indoors and outdoors, always finding something new to shoot. 2008 marks Randy's first shows in the world of fine art.


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