/ARCHIVE — 2008

/+15 Window


/Ryan Mcclure scott — The Future of Nostalgia
+15 WIndow. april 1 — May 31, 2008
Reception at Epcor Performing Arts Center

Opening reception Thursday, May 15, 2008, 8pm

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/exhibition information

/Drawing inspiration from 1970's low-fi sci-fi television series like Buck Rogers and the crafty do-it-yourself programming of shows like Sesame Street, Ryan McClure Scott will construct an installation dedicated to his childhood influences. Elements of drawing and printmaking will be combined with puppets, animation, and soft sculpture to reference both his earliest and latest artistic endeavors.

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/Artist Bio

/RYAN MCCLURE SCOTT is an emerging video artist from Calgary. Currently he is a student at the Alberta College of Art + Design, but has recently been on exchange to the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design. Ryan has exhibited at EMMEDIA, Quickdraw Animation Society, The Uptown Stage and Theatre (Calgary), The Bell Auditorium (Halifax), and The Images Festival (Toronto).

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