/ARCHIVE — 2009

/+15 Window


/Jasmine Valentina — Domestic Mobility
+15 Window. August & September, 2009
Reception at The EPCOR Centre
Thursday, August 6, 2009, 7 - 8pm

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/exhibition information

Donning the role of a hyper-feminine 50s housewife, Jasmine Valentina will pull a car-sized bungalow made of canvas and cardboard through the streets of Calgary.

The social intervention/performance aims to re-contextualize femininity as a symbol of strength and protest the male dominant, destructive culture of the city––one that hinders community development.  While occupying parking spaces around the city, Valentina  will interview bystanders on the subject of sustainable living in Calgary.

The exhibition, Domestic Mobility, is the ephemera of the performative event that contains the sculptural residue and interviews captured on video.


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/artist bio

/JASMINE VALENTINA is invisible. Not unlike a super-hero, she can pass through walls and permeate social borders without ever being distinguished as The Other. As a queer feminine woman, she occupies a theoretical space in which she can exercise different ways of thinking and being while appearing to conform to the prescribed female gender role.



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