/ARCHIVE — 2009

/+15 Window


/Kyle Whitehead — Dyspraxia
+15 Window. February & March, 2009
Reception at The EPCOR Centre
Thursday, March 19, 2009, 7 - 8pm

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The photographs in Dyspraxia reinvigorate the mundane or banal images found in the physical environment. Shot on film using multiple exposures, Lo-Fi cameras, and alternative chemical processes, these images present a simultaneously existing collection and composition of representational space.


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/artist bio

/KYLE WHITEHEAD prefers the careful and considered approach to image making. He treads dangerously close to the line of over-technicality while still remaining a bit of a hippie. Which is no mean feat by anyone’s standards. Kyle holds a BFA from the Alberta College of Art and Design and currently resides in Calgary, where he spends most of his time in the dark.



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