/ARCHIVE — 2009

/+15 Window


/Mia Rushton — In the Hidden Places
+15 Window. April & May, 2009
Reception at The EPCOR Centre
Thursday, May 21, 2009, 7 - 8PM

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/exhibition information

/IN THE HIDDEN PLACES is a site-responsive large-scale mixed media installation that seeks to align the extraordinary history of the artist’s family with her daily practice of walking, finding, and collecting. Though she is an urban dweller with ample technological resources at hand, Rushton chooses to use marginal materials and a methodology that recalls the legacy of her pioneering progenitors. Printed paper garlands will accompany knit, sewn, and printed artifacts, made in response to the residue, rituals, and patterns drawn from every-day life.


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/artist bio

/MIA RUSHTON is a printmaker, radical crafter and collector. By combining the elements of printmaking, sewing, knitting, and drawing, Rushton is select among a new generation of do-it-yourself and indie artists who have embraced handcrafting as a way out and a resistance to the overly technocratic art industry. With hours spent collecting the detritus of urban vegetation and wildlife (from nuts to leaves to rocks, dead flies and bees), Rushton is a combination of reverse guerrilla gardener (collecting not planting) and mortician (making what has past, become present again). A graduate from Alberta College of Art & Design, Rushton has shown her work at Alternator Gallery for Contemporary Art, Choose Yer Own Fest and in Truck Gallery’s CAMPER. She has also designed a number of posters and leaflets for arts organizations and events in Calgary and her drawings have been published in filling station magazine and little hints- an anthology of Alberta Poetry. Rushton also designs handmade wearable objects, which are sold online at seealso.etsy.com.



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