/ARCHIVE — 2010

/+15 Window


/Brian Kent Gotro — THE WHITE ROOM
+15 Window. April & May, 2010
Reception at The EPCOR Centre
Thursday, May 20, 2010, 7PM

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/exhibition information

/THE WHITE ROOM is an interdisciplinary work consisting of a 5-channel video sculpture, musical accoutrements, and some personal items from the artist: sketchbook, invites, scribbled notes and daily ephemera.

Symbols? Clues?

Here, Gotro has presented a seemingly suspended act: are we waiting for the music to begin, or have we missed it? Will the smoking stop? Will he pick up an instrument, or any of the various tools of expression at his disposal?

Originally curated by Paul Wong for ON MAIN in Vancouver, this is the third exhibition of THE WHITE ROOM.



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/artist bio

Video is at the core of Gotro’s practice. Activating qualities of the ephemeral, comedic, social and political, his work has shown in Hong Kong, Russia, Norway, Berlin, New York, Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary, Winnipeg and Kelowna. Video distribution information is available at www.vtape.org / www.videoout.ca



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