/ARCHIVE — 2010

/+15 Window


/Diane McGeachy — Sleeping Animals
+15 Window. December, 2010 & January, 2011
Reception at EPCOR Centre
closing reception Thursday, January 20, 2010, 7 - 8pm

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/SLEEPING ANIMALS is a collection of whimsical paintings inspired by my continued interest in habitats, bio-diversity and the potential impact of encroaching human activities. These paintings employ bold and illustrative images that allow fragments of subtle narratives to emerge. Bright hues harmoniously blend drawing and painting; pictorial edges taper in a manner that echoes traditional vignettes; plants, animals and trees playfully collide on the surface. Visual scale and spatial relationships collapse in compositions where oversized animals hug undersized trees. The natural world as habitat is paramount in this work.


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/artist bio

/DIANE MCGEACHY practices and teaches art in her hometown of Calgary, Alberta. She holds degrees from the Alberta College of Art and Design (Interdisciplinary Studies) and the University of Alberta (Art History). Her artwork has shown throughout Western Canada and is included in the Alberta Foundation for the Arts collection and numerous private collections.



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