/ARCHIVE — 2010

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/Scott RogersWireframe
Main Space. January 8 February 13, 2010
Reception at Stride Gallery
Opening reception Friday, January 8, 2010 at 8pm

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/exhibition information

/WIREFRAME is a site-specific installation that uses photo-luminescent tape to trace the unique architecture of the main gallery at Stride. Inspired by early ’80s science-fiction film sets, video games, and AutoCAD, Wireframe creates tension between real and virtual space, converting the gallery into an immersive three-dimensional drawing. Through this ‘drawing’ process, the individuality of the site is revealed, positioning the gallery as a collaborator in the work. This empathetic turn creates a radical shift of perspective amongst audience members, proposing an inter-subjective relationship; we program the gallery while the gallery simultaneously programs us.

Scott Rogers would like to acknowledge the financial support of the Alberta Creative Development Initiative in the production of this work.


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/artist bio

/SCOTT ROGERS is a Canadian visual artist who works with site-specific projects and experimental collaborations. He has exhibited extensively in Canada, and participated in exhibitions in Minneapolis, Berlin, New York, Chicago, Oakland, and Ireland. Recent reviews of his work have appeared in Artforum, the Globe and Mail, and C Magazine.



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/Writer Bio

/CHARLES STANKIEVECH is an artist, writer, curator and educator whose work has recently been shown in Venice, Paris, Montreal, New York, LA, and Dawson City. His writings have been published by MIT Press and distributed by Princeton Architectural Press.  He is co-founder of the KIAC School of Visual Arts in the Canadian Arctic.



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