/ARCHIVE — 2011

/+15 Window Space


/Chika moduM — presence
+15 Window. August & September, 2011
Reception at the epcor centre
205 - 8 Avenue SE
reception thursday, september 15, 2011, 7 - 8pm
Drinks to follow - location tba

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/exhibition information

For the work Presence, I refashioned black garbage bags by braiding them into an elaborate African hairstyle-inspired drape installed across the wall and floor, emulating an epic head of coiled hair. Through this piece I recreate nostalgic West African experiences and traditions, which are subtly being replaced by more universally accepted alternatives. Appropriating materials from my present North American environment, I call attention to the culture of waste. My intention is to marry the vanishing processes with synthetic materials, in turn creating a new object that stands as a memorial and monument.

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/Artist Bio

/CHIKA MODUM is a Nigerian-born artist with a BFA in Painting (University of Nigeria), currently pursuing her MFA (University of Calgary).  Her work draws on processes and textures originating in her West African background, interplayed with North American pop culture influences.

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