/ARCHIVE — 2011

/+15 Window


/Jack bride — unseen scene
+15 Window. April & May, 2011
Reception at epcor centre
205 - 8 Avenue SE

*SPECIAL TIME: reception friday, april 9, 2011, 7 - 8pm
Drinks to follow - Location TBA

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/exhibition information

/JACK BRIDE’s installations embody subtle energies brought forth as physical objects. Living in Alberta has generated these energies in specific forms; the feelings and experiences within sacred sites and regions are truly inspiring. Such places speak at a subtle frequency—a voice of the land, a voice that Bride captures in visual form in his work. With this installation, a psychic landscape is combined with the material world, showing a synthesis of outside and in. Approaching this window, viewers can contemplate their own image reflected and placed within Bride's field of vision.


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/artist bio

/JACK BRIDE works in realms of the esoteric, numinous, transcendental and ecstatic. He develops a visual language to create experiences that reflect back to the viewer a sense of the sacred. Alberta's resonance is a vital well of inspiration for Bride, and he is grateful to be here.

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