/ARCHIVE — 2011

/+15 Window


/jennifer akkermans — terrarium
+15 Window. February & march, 2011
Reception at Epcor centre
205 - 8 Avenue se

reception Thursday, March 3, 2011, 7 - 8pm
Drinks to follow - location tba

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TERRARIUM explores the notion of family, emphasizing the differences between siblings, who are often completely different and yet are obligated to inhabit the same space. Interacting with each other as siblings must, will the Morphoids learn to get along, or will they kill each other in the end?

/Artist Bio

JENNIFER AKKERMANS is actively engaged in injecting life and energy into her art and her world. When she is not making her polyester Morphoid sculptures, she is volunteering and enlivening her community through her other interests.  She is currently completing her final year at the Alberta College of Art & Design.


Presented in collaboration with the Calgary Animated Objects Society and the International Festival of Animated Objects - March 9 through 13, 2011