/ARCHIVE — 2011

/+15 Window


/Juliana Rempel —rearranged
+15 Window. december 2011 — January 2012
Reception at space
205 - 8th Avenue SE
Opening reception thursday, January 19, 2012. 7-8pm
Drinks to follow - location tba

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/exhibition information

/The objects that are part of our everyday living, those silent bystanders, retain memories through their use and become symbpls for the actions of our lives. How well do we know these objects that adorn our everyday and what happens to this relationship when it is taken out of the comfortable context of our home and disjointedm displaced and disoriented in a gallery setting? Calling attention to these often forgotten objects reintroduces the familiar to create an intimate common ground for a reinterpretation of these objects as the archetypes of our lives.

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/Artist Bio

/JULIANA REMPEL is a Canadian ceramic artist based in Calgary, Alberta. Through both installation and site-specific work, Rempel’s ceramic sculpture work explores the distance between familiarity and ambiguity. Rempel received her Bachelor in Visual Arts from Emily Carr University in Vancouver and completed her Masters in Ceramics at Cardiff School of Art and Design in Wales, UK.

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