/ARCHIVE — 2011

/+15 Window


/megan dyck — perimeter; vessel
+15 Window. october & November, 2011
Reception at the epcor centre
205 - 8th Avenue SE

reception thursday, november 17, 2011, 7 - 8pm
Drinks to follow - location tba

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/exhibition information

/PERIMETER;VESSEL investigates a visual delineation of physical positive and negative spaces as happenstance by-products of linear plain breakdowns. These hap-hazardous structural breakdowns bring forth a sense of duality as both skeletal structures for the potential occupation of form, thought, or being, and as positive forms that interact with their installed environment. These invasions of overlapping and intertwining lines may frame space or serve as the contours of the absence of something once more whole that has since disappeared, dissolved, or decomposed.

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/Artist Bio

/MEGAN DYCK is part of the Bakery artist's studio collective based in the Seafood Market in Calgary. Contending with materials scavenged from nature and empty east village lots, Dyck negotiates a constant flux between drawing and recycling detritus in her composite installations.

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