/ARCHIVE — 2012

/+15 window space


/amanda hu - everyday life
+15 Window. december 2012 & January 2013

Location - The epcor centre for
the performing arts
205 - 8th Avenue SE

Closing reception - Thrusday, JANUARY 17,
from 7 to 8pm at the epcor centre
Refreshments to follow - location is tba

Exhibition Info
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/exhibition information

/EVERYDAY LIFE is a portrayal of the artist’s interaction with her ever-present anxieties. Consisting of environmental self portraits in mundane, everyday activities, the composited elements are meant to be realistic and immersive while maintaining a sense of absurdity. The portrayal of fantastical interactions is a confrontation of childhood anxieties realized and a subsequent normalization of the experience. By using the loaded imagery of the clown, the artist compels viewers towards reflections of their own anxieties and a reflexive relationship with the work.

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/Artist Bio

/AMANDA HU is an emerging visual artist based in Calgary, Alberta. She holds a BA in Psychology and BFA in Visual Studies from the University of Calgary. Hu works primarily in photography and sculpture.

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