/ARCHIVE — 2012

/+15 Window


/lowell smith — end of analog
+15 Window space. April & may, 2012

Reception at epcor centre for
the performing arts
205 - 8th Avenue SE

reception Thrusday, May 17 from 7 to 8pm

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/exhibition information

/The end of an era brings new beginnings. On September 1st 2011, the Government of Canada ended analog television (in Canada). The static snowy channel, a familiar image to many of us growing up, is gone. Now dead, the static channel will have a nostalgic value to our generation and will mean nothing to future generations. END OF ANALOG combines an old television with new video capturing technology to present a 3D image of the viewer in the television static, as homage to what once was.

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/Artist Bio

/LOWELL SMITH is a technological artist currently based in Calgary, Alberta. He earned his Bachelor of Fine Arts in 2010 from the Alberta College of Art and Design in Media Arts + Digital Technologies. He enjoys tinkering, building and hacking different types of electronic devices and technologies.

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