/ARCHIVE — 2013

/+15 Window


/jillian daschuk — baby ruth
+15 Window. april & may 2013

Location - The epcor centre for
the performing arts
205 - 8th Avenue SE

Closing reception - Thursday, may 16,
from 7 to 8pm at the epcor centre
Refreshments to follow - location is tba

Exhibition Info
Artist Bio


/exhibition information

/BABY RUTH explores the welcomed quality of pathos through humorous mocking and suggestive thoughts, producing a thick feeling of desperate attention demanded by the pieces. Combining discarded, unwanted objects—inherently pathetic in their abandonment—forces the viewer to acknowledge the character within, garnering sympathy for the work’s mundane, objectified existence.

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/Artist Bio

/JILLIAN DASCHUK holds a BFA in print media from the Alberta College of Art + Design. Her recent practice utilizes found objects and materials to explore and emphasize the mind’s unconscious ability to associate facial forms with inanimate objects.

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