/ARCHIVE — 2013

/+15 window


/louise johnson — inside voice
+15 Window. February & March, 2013

Location - The epcor centre for
the performing arts
205 - 8th Avenue SE

Closing reception - Thursday, March 21,
from 7 to 8pm at the epcor centre
Refreshments to follow - location is tba

Exhibition Info
Artist Bio

exhibition info


/exhibition information

/The idea for this film emerged from a thread of abusive comments on a blog post; one commenter ‘shouted,’ “NOBODY EVER CHANGED ANYONE’S MIND BY CALLING THEM A F***ING IDIOT!!” Both the words and thoughts of the characters are represented visually in order to draw a sharp contrast between the civility of their behavior and the incivility of their thoughts.

INSIDE VOICE is made by animating sand and objects underlit and toplit under a Canon SLR, using Take5 capture software. The texture and limited palate of the sand and the malleability of the media facilitates the morphing transitions between thought and speech.

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/Artist Bio

/LOUISE JOHNSON has worked in many animation techniques and media as an animator/director. She has directed two films for the National Film Board of Canada and animated on television series, commercials, documentaries and most recently on the world’s first sand animation TV series “The Sand Pixies.”

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Presented in collaboration with the Calgary Animated Objects Society and the International Festival of Animated Objects - March 12 through 17, 2013.



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