/ARCHIVE — 2013

/+15 window


/megan slater — stretch
+15 Window. june & july 2013

Location - The epcor centre for
the performing arts
205 8th Avenue SE

Closing reception - Thursday, july 18
from 6 to 7pm at the epcor centre
Refreshments to follow at wine-ohs
811 1st street sw

Exhibition Info
Artist Bio


/exhibition information

/STRETCH is a three-dimensional installation that investigates the relationship of construction and deconstruction. The act of sewing nylon under tension pulls the material to its limits. Eventually, it can no longer withstand the strain and shreds itself, starting at the weakest point. This cycle is continuous; repairing a flaw creates another, until there is nothing left but the scars created by the thread. This constant reparation-disintegration process poses the question of when to stop trying to fix the imperfection and accept it for what it is.  

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/Artist Bio

/MEGAN SLATER recently completed a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Fibre from the Alberta College of Art + Design. Her main studio practice focuses on ideas of tension, restriction and loss. She utilizes the material qualities of nylon to communicate her ideas.  

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