Publishing is a crucial part of Artist-Run Centre activity in Calgary, an intriguing chronicle of our history, and an ongoing testament to the vitality of our cultural activities. For this special event, Stride will exhibit books, catalogues, publications produced and collected over our 18-year history, with generous contributions from the National Artist-Run community for a panoramic view of publishing practices across Canada.

This book fair was made possible by the participation of over 20 artist run centres, galleries, and artists. Their generous donations are added to our archive and will be available to the public, Friends of the Stride Gallery and to other cultural institutions.

Art Book Fair donations available at the Stride Gallery:

Access Artist Run Center, Vancouver, BC: Birthdaycake Island, Con/quest, James Pierre and Pom Pom: Two Hearts Beat as One, Small Waves Cold Water (editions 1 & 2), The Egg Throwing Apparatus, This For That

Art Speak, Vancouver , BC: BIRDS – A City Some Rain, Coincident, Doubt and the History of Scaffolding, Frequent Stops, GUI; Sunday, Lines Spoken For, Long-Range Forecast; Variable, No Sound is Dissonant Which Tells of Life, Passengers and Tour Guides, Sign After The X, Samll Dead Woman/Last Seen, Songstress/ Songs for Girls, The Underside of Shadows, Up and Down: Downtown Eastside Architecture

Conseil des Arts texiles du Quebec, Montreal, Quebec: Textiles Sismographes, Textiles Sismographes Sympopsium

Grunt, Vancouver, BC: Ablakela CD ROM, Live at the end of the Century

La Centrale/powerhouse, Montreal, Quebec: Intsabili, Le Cinema Experimental et la Video des Demmes, Legitimation, Multiplier, Pieces D’identite, Pink Link, Tables des Matieres Intsabili, Textura, Transmission, Voix Sigulieres

Le Mois de la Photo a Montreal, Montreal, Quebec: Now. Images of Present Time/Maintenant. Image du temps présent.

MAWA, Winnepeg, Manitoba: Inversions: Interventions, Inversions: Fairy Tales and Romance, Inversions: The Female Grotesque, Inversions: Women and Humor, Martha Townsend-Stone in a Glass House, Mawa: Culture and Community, Passing Pictures with Prisoners

Open Space, Victoria, BC: A Choreography of The Ordinary, A Critical Beauty, Buther’s Apron, Butcher’s Hook, Drawings Plus, Dream Factoy (DVD), Monographs 1998 – 2003, Nominal Spaces: Stories for Photographs, [un] natural Histories, Plot, Quartet for the Year 4698 or 5760, Redressing the Crone, Standard Sheathing, Systems Systems Crush, The Sleepless Night, We Need a New History

Skol, Montreal, Quebec: Les Commensaux. Quand L’art se Fait Circonstances / When Art Becomes Circomstances, L’installation, Pistes et Territoirs: L’installation au Quebec 1975-1995, Skol 2002-2003

Southern Alberta Art Gallery, Lethbridge, AB: Anne Ramsden – Anastylosis: Inventory, Blind Stairs, Daniel Laskarin, Get Thirsty, Karilee Fuglem- Cumulous, Lines Painted in Early Spring, Monica Tap Paintings, Yoko Takashima

The Nickle Arts Museum, Calgary, AB: 35 Years and 15 Minutes, Besant: Migratory, Calgary Modern, Fidelity Elite: A Collaborative Performance, John Will: Ain’t Paralyzed Yet, Money L’Argent, Of Mice and Men: A History of Personal Computing, Recollecting: J. Dewey Soper’s Arctic Watercolours, Scotch and Cigars, Ted Godwin: The Tartan Years ,That Still Place… That Place Still, The Color of Oak Bark

YYZ Books, Toronto, ON: By the Skin of their Tongues Artist Video Scripts, Crime and Ornament :The Arts and Popular Culture in the Shadow of Adolf Loos, Decalog: YYZ 1979-1989, Foodculture Tasting Identities and Geographies in Art, LUX A Decade of Artists’ Film and Video, Material Matters The Art and Culture of Contemporary Textiles ,Mirror Machine Video and Identit,y Money Value Art State Funding Free Markets Big Pictures, Plague Years A Life in Underground Movies, Practice Practise Praxis Serial Repetition, Organizational Behaviour and Strategic Action in Architecture, Struggles With The Image Essays in Art Criticism, Susan Kealey: Ordinary Marvel, Symbolization and its Discontents, Why Stoics Box and Other Essays on Art and Society