LIAR! LIAR! is a humorous critique of state surveillance and control, an examination of the culture of fear perpetuated by institutional authority, as well as the unmitigated trust in objective technologies. Presenting as highly trained AmCor Human Lie Detector Services Agents, Special Officers Çlåöd Îdíã and Åmÿ Mødähl will be present interrogating audience members during the exhibition reception for LIAR! LIAR!



In a world where 91% of people lie regularly at work and at home, it is important to detect deception, even within our closest social networks. The average untrained human being can detect lies only 54% of the time. Discerning between lies and the truth can save us time, money, and guard our personal and economic safety. The successful start-up company AmCor Inc.® offers a unique solution to this important 21st century problem: the Deception Detection Training Program (DDTP). After examining participant meta-communicative functions, the DDTP interpretive analysis discloses the truth through a series of advanced contour drawing techniques, eye movement tracking lines, and subjective diagrams of the face.




Have you met Officers Dåhl and Idia before? Are you carrying anything sharp, toxic, explosive, or flammable? Have you participated in the Deception Detection Training Program (DDTP) and/or been privy to any of its informing interpretive analyses? Have you ever been frisked? Have you ever frisked? In your estimation, are some people born heroes and some people are “born under a very bad star”? Are jackboots trending? What is a one-word euphemism for “the government’s eyes in everyone’s house”? If you imagine a drone above your town at this exact moment do you visualize a) yourself as a target b) your boss as a target c) “everyone except me” as a target? Do you know your neighbours? Do you trust your dog? How would you complete the following statement: The police are…? Is your smile exquisite? Are you guilty of not feeling as guilty as you should be feeling? Would you say that children are sweet or sweet-seeming? Are you familiar with “facial lie lines”? Who makes your money? If you imagine “property” then what do you see? What is the opposite of freedom? What is the risk of honesty? Have you ever stared into the mirror and drawn yourself? What is the big new thing? What should never be said? Is it true that great art tells great lies or is it true that great art uncovers great lies? Do your friends consider you funny haha or funny strange? Would you consider yourself an advanced, mid-career, or emerging “deception-ist”? What are the metrics of mendacity? Do you ever say the phrase “knock on wood” and make a gesture to knock on wood but finding no wood available you choose instead to knock on your own head? Have you ever partied? Are your tweets patriotic? Given a choice, is it cocaine or is it a bottle of Jack? What would you do for your country? What would you do for your brand? Are you a lion in the boardroom and a mouse in the sack? When you invest are you thinking seven-generations ahead? Are politicians overpaid, underpaid, or misunderstood? Would you trust the community to do the police work? Do you often forget to acknowledge the contributions of others? Would it annoy you or thrill you to drive across the prairies listening only to radio static? Have you ever read Baudelaire’s “L’amour du mensonge”? Is, for you, the semblance of the thing, like, “totally good enough”? Do certain words look like wounds to you and, if so, is “mensonge” one of those words? Have you ever been to the theatre and spit at the screen? Do you have any oily acquaintances? Is it a terrorist act to throw “novelty poop” at the leader of a country? Are you ever confused about how much to confess? Do you have faith that Officers Dåhl and Idia are committed to an uncompromising regime of truth-finding? Is it better to be incorporated or is it more desirable to rot under a bridge? Can laughter prevail? If you find yourself lost in a foreign city do you wander, weep, or simply refer to your iPhone? Do you care about modernism vs. its many posts? Are you disgusted by the ubiquity of the first person pronoun? Are you, currently, willing to part with one hundred dollars if that outlay would ensure “achieving the absolute truth”? Would you ever self-identify as an interloper? If a security guard’s rubber gloves were, in fact, decorated with unicorn stickers would you be more open or less open to “augmented interrogation”? Are you poor as fuck? Do you ever go hungry? Are your friends full of shit? Is cancer coming? Can you make a difference? Are you apprised of Interpersonal Suspicion Theory? Do you regularly carry cash? Do you twitch? Would you agree or disagree with the following claim: “the face lies but the pencil sketch reveals”? Do you wrestle demons? Is the night “BB King blue” or is the night “Artemisia Gentileschi black” or is the night “just the night”? Is there hope? Where is the safest place? Is progress an illusion? How does love come undone? Can we repair each other? How?



JAKE KENNEDY likes it when four cars come to a four-way stop, at exactly the same time and then, like, there’s a calmness. Jake Kennedy sometimes says “Rae, stop doing that” and then Rae says “Doing, stop Rae that.” Jake Kennedy can weep and lecture and slumgullion stuff like there’s no tomorrow. Jake Kennedy takes the paper airplane that you’ve folded and he thinks to himself secret saccharine thoughts of joy. That is all. Kennedy is currently working on an entirely made-up biography of New York poet and architect Madeline Gins entitled “Made Line Sing.” He is also collaborating with his dear friend kmaximus mcfairson acough on “Death Valley: A Collaborative Community Novel.” He is Ed McMahon to KME’s Johnny at G’morning Poetry: A Late-Night Talk Show Humour Live Poetry Show Event Show (Vernon, BC!). Lastly, I am working on a kids’ book called “Go the Fudge to Sleep.”

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