/ARCHIVE — 2012

/+15 Window


/jean-renÉ Leblanc & Carl Spencer
toro envistiendo

+15 Window space. june & july, 2012

Reception at epcor centre for
the performing arts
205 - 8th Avenue SE

reception Thrusday, july 19 from 7 to 8pm

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/exhibition information

/TORO ENVISTIENDO offers spectators a dynamic aesthetic experience that employs interactivity combined with a video representation of a bull.  The bull is iconic within rodeo and cowboy culture. By presenting this installation in the +15 window space during the centennial Calgary Stampede, we are symbolically transposing the bull into the downtown core of Calgary. Our artistic intentions are to create a playful yet powerful metaphorical installation that uses interactivity as a bridge between the virtual and the real. Participants are invited to experience the responsive video imagery by moving in proximity to the sensors concealed behind the gallery window.

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/Artist Bio

/JEAN-RENÉ LEBLANC and CARL SPENCER are Canadian artists based in Calgary and working out of the Sensorium Lab, a cross-disciplinary research group focused on artistic research and the development of systems of interaction that encourage kinesthetic perception and interpretation. Their work explores the relationship between technology and culture, issues of play and interactivity.

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