After Weather: Justin Waddell + Rick Silva

JANUARY 19 — MARCH 3, 2018

With a series of images, sculptures, and videos the two artists explore weather as source material and metaphor. The “after” in After Weather also evokes time, how one experiences weather, passing from prediction, to present, to memory, and data. When considering time, weather, and the modern condition, Jean Baudrillard noted:

“We are told that it is going to be possible, using ultra-sophisticated computer techniques, to make an accurate forecast of the weather over the next two days. But the computers will take four days to do it. So in four days’ time we shall know precisely what the weather was on the preceding two days. The truth of the forecast has no concern with truly being a forecast. And the facts simply have to fall into line. If necessary, truth will correct them retrospectively. It will have been fine even if it rained. For facts are facts and truth is truth. It always arrives too late, but when it does arrive it is truth which commands belief.”

–   Jean Baudrillard, Screened Out. London: Verso 2002


Rick Silva was born in 1977 in Brazil and lives in Eugene, Oregon, where he is an Associate Professor of Art & Technology at the University of Oregon. He received an MFA from The University of Colorado in 2007, and has since shown extensively nationally and internationally, with solo exhibitions at TRANSFER Gallery in New York, Wil Aballe Art Projects in Vancouver, New Shelter Plan in Copenhagen, and Ditch Projects in Oregon. His projects and collaborations have been featured in festivals such as Sonar in Barcelona, Transmediale in Berlin, and Resonate in Belgrade. WIRED magazine called Silva’s videos “glitchy, curious things; some mesmerizing, some arresting.”

Justin Waddell (b. 1976, Toronto, Canada) graduated from the Ontario College of Art and Design and received his MFA in Integrated Media from the University of Windsor. He has worked in various capacities at several Artist-Run Centers, Festivals, Galleries, and Magazines in Canada including Prefix Photo, Trinity Square Video, Lola Magazine, the Art Gallery of Ontario, the New Gallery, and the Gendai Gallery at the Japanese Canadian Cultural Center. He has served as the Director of Programming at YYZ Artists’ Outlet and as the Director of the Stride Art Gallery Association. More recently, Waddell has served as a Board Member of the Calgary Cinematheque; as a founding Board Member with the every-age art and music venue, Local Library; as a Director of EAR (Elephant Artist Relief), a society that provides practical resources to visual artists to help sustain their wellbeing and livelihood; and as a member of the Editorial Board of LUMA Media Art Quarterly. Currently he is on the Board of Directors of Truck Art Gallery. His work and research is rooted in the development of a personal narrative of experimentation and process. Right now, he is researching the history of inventors killed by their own inventions. Waddell currently lives in Calgary, Alberta where he is an Associate Professor in the School of Visual Art at the Alberta College of Art and Design.



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