Jonathan Creese: Building Patterns

November 4th to December 1st, 2022

Building Patterns is a work that was conceptualised in the fall of 2021, when I first arrived in Calgary. Being from a country where tall buildings- as those seen in the downtown core of the city- are present but scarce in number, my reaction to the architecture in Calgary was one of awe and fascination. Referencing the shape, colour and pattern that can be observed when looking at the buildings, I sought to create abstracted designs that broke the structures into their simplest forms. Elements of representation were maintained to a certain extent to allow those familiar with the infrastructure of the city to see the connections that the designs have with their inspirations. The work is process-based, with choices in materials, printing processes, design and means of installation having been made to facilitate the idea of an evolution of my practice in response to my moving to the city and the differing systems for creation which that geographical change allows for.

This project is ongoing and in the future I hope to add more elements to expand on the installed work, incorporating new ideas that further expand on my relationship to the city.

Jonathan Creese is a Trinidadian artist, currently living, studying and working in Calgary, AB. His practice is multidimensional, incorporating processes in the disciplines of print media, fibre arts, photography and sculpture. Being an outsider to Canada, his recent work has been a reaction to his immediate environment, as he draws parallels and observes the differences from his lived experience in his homeland and his interactions with prairie and mountain communities of western Canada.

Documentation by Han Sungpil.