Generation: Artist Talk with Farzaneh Azizpour

Friday, March 26th @ 5pm

Takes place on Zoom

Please join us for an artist talk with Farzaneh Azizpour.

Farzaneh Azizpour is an artist who specializes in figurative expressive oil painting. Born in Iran, she has a passion and talent in painting. In 2020, she moved to Canada to pursue her artistic activities in an international environment. Although she had a bachelor’s degree in Medical Radiology, she did her postgraduate studies in painting at the Tehran University of Art, instructed by renowned Iranin painters. She has participated in several exhibitions in North America and Europe, also being awarded in the ten bests among competitors in France. Her inspiration stems from people close to her, especially her children; intrigued by their faces, looks, and gestures, she then brings her own perspectives to the canvas. Azizpour believes that art could be a common language among multicultural people to better understand each other regardless of beliefs, religion, gender and differences. Azizpour is creative to all ends; not only a contemporary painter of her own pursuits, but also a painting instructor for children, as well as a fashion designer; Mrs. Layth is her fashion design collection retrieved from Iranian historical monuments.

This exhibition is co-presented with The Immigrant Council for Arts Innovation. The Immigrant Council for Arts Innovation (ICAI) is an arts council based in Calgary, Alberta. The council was founded in January 2019 with the expressed purpose of connecting newcomer and immigrant artists with the existing arts community in Calgary, providing these artists with access to needed resources and helping them turn their passion and creativity into thriving careers or businesses. ICAI actively encourages diversity of expression and culture through the creation of a safe and welcoming community where newcomer and immigrant artists feel confident to showcase their artwork and distinct cultural identities.